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Average Trigger Milliseconds for event triggered calcs

Question asked by vankudrea on Oct 29, 2019
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I have few calcs event triggered on source data updating at a 30s or 1 min freq. Our PI interfaces which collect this source data are configured to have offsets per scan class, so that even if the individual source tag updates every 30s or 1 min, the group might receive updates much frequently. for eg, if one source tag is configured to update at 30s, offset=1 and another one at 30s, offset =2, then each of these tags would receive updates every 30s but the group will receive updates every 1 seconds as the diff in the offset timings of both these tags is 1 (2 minus 1). Now, when these source tags trigger templatized AF analysis calcs (calculation group) , will they trigger the calculation group every 1s or every 30s ? In my case, on production server the average trigger milliseconds for this calculation group is 30s, but on test it is 1. How does the calculation group get triggered ?