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Are there examples using AFDiag.exe with /DeleteFrames, specifically/Template parameter

Question asked by BrobbinsPI on Oct 29, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2019 by jstarnes

Want to write a powershell script using the utility AFDIag.exe to clean up EventFrames in the AF Database. I have something like below which uses a "purge" date but I want to use Template names.  Is there example of the expected format for the command?  Can you use wildcards in the template name?


I have this for a date based clean up

#Get the adjusted date and format it for AFDiag
$dte = Get-Date
$dte = $dte.AddDays(-$numberOfDaysToKeep).ToString("yyyy-MM-dd")


#Change to D drive and get to the AF Directory
cd $AFDiretory

#Delete event frames that ended prior to $dte
$OutputDEF = .\AFDiag.exe /DeleteEventFrames:$dte /Yes | Out-String


Can I do something like:

$OutputDEF = .\AFDiag.exe /DeleteEventFrames /Database:$db /Template:$templateName /Yes | Out-String


Where @db = database name and $templateName is the name of the templates I want to clean up. Again, I use a wild card in the name?


Thank you.