Lightswitch with the AF SDK

Discussion created by mhalhead Champion on Sep 16, 2012
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I've been playing with Microsoft Lightswitch. I must say that I'm pretty impressed; it is an excellent tool for getting forms over data applications. If you want to learn more about this I would suggest starting with the MSDN LightSwitch site and the LighSwitch help site.


I'm now looking at using LightSwitch with the OSIsoft suite. I feel that LightSwitch with AF and particularly EF will be a really power combination. We have numerous requirements to be able to capture data around events. This is were the vCampus community comes in.


The obvious choice is to use the WCF RIA services data source in LightSwitch (you're limited to SQL, OData, RIA Services and SharePoint Lists). The problem is that you can't return the AF SDK Objects in the queries. LightSwitch also doesn't support complex types. I thought hey I can easily pack the AF objects into simple POCO's that contain the necessary information. This is where I'm coming a touch unstuck as you now need to define associations between the entities. So I'm here asking whether anyone else has looked at this? Maybe there is a bored OSIsoft developer/FSE that would like to write up a blog post on how to use LightSwitch with the AF SDK?