Hundreds of similar but not identical assets

Discussion created by DImperiale on Oct 30, 2019
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I work with HVAC data and am trying to find an efficient way to model my buildings in PI. 


The challenge I have is that I'd like to use templates but there are slight differences or features that some units have and others do not. For example, we have 300 Air Handlers and there are probably about 40 different configurations of those air handlers. I've looked into using inheritance of templates but that doesn't solve the problem because it ends up looking like a decision tree.


The way other HVAC vendors have solved this problem is by using a "tagging" method - think twitter/instagram hashtags.  You tag an Air Handler with all its options like  # [HeatRecovery] [ReheatCoil] [100%Outside Air] [Economizer], etc... Then when you write an event frame to catch failed economizers you write it against just the units that have that Economizer Tag. 


Does anybody have any ideas how I can model hundreds or thousands of units in AF that might be similar but not identical and limit the number of EF rules I have to manage?