Initial snapshot values

Discussion created by RJKSolutions on Sep 17, 2012
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I believe that there were original plans for the PI Adapters to support an initial value from the snapshot, but it didn't go in to the final product.


So now I am facing the fact that I am pulling two stream from PI, one slower than the other.  For the slow one I need an initial value because of the stream join I am using; the slower stream is a flag needed to determine if the quality from the slower stream is inherited by the fast stream.


Just scratching around now for other ways of pushing an initial value through the query to be held in memory, otherwise each pair won't be pushed to the output until the slow stream has a value.  I could use AF SDK to get snapshot values (I'm not too concerned about the time difference of signing up to the update manager and the snapshot value I retrieve), create a query based on them but I then want those values to expire when new values start coming via the adapters - I no longer need to be reliant on the original "snapshot" stream.


Any ideas?