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Building a ProcessBook Display in C#

Question asked by BradWill24 on Nov 1, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2019 by BradWill24

Hey all,


I tried to ask this in PI Developers Club but there appears to be issues on the site posting in that area.


A little while back I had asked about creating a PI Vision display programmatically and was basically told that it was not currently possible.

I was just recently informed that PI Vision can actually bring in ProcessBook displays directly without any additional conversion process.


I have the PI AF SDK installed and ready to go in my VS project however I'm having a difficult time finding any resources on building an actual ProcessBook display, the references I've found are detailing add-ons for the ProcessBook application.


My currently goal is to take a JPG image and overlay PI values on top of it, nothing fancy really... just need to be pointed into the right direction.
I don't see a ProcessBook object in the PI AF SDK docs but I could be overlooking it.


Does anyone have some guidance they can give here?