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Some Point from OPC DA lost its OPC item

Question asked by Baeksabu on Nov 4, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2019 by jyi

I have configured an OPC DA interface recently.

I found some of PI point values got changed to "Configure" from bad value or normal state.

(I checked bad value points. They originally had NaN values from the source.)

The "Configure" indicated points got back normal (which means bad or number values)

when I removed the points from the interface and re-included them by editing point source.

It looks like something happened on PI OPC interface and it lost its OPC item list.

Now I'm trying to looking for the reason.

Can I get some advise about where should I check for this symptom?

(How to check internal data interface status between OPC and PI Int. for example...)


The PI Interface works on the same machine as OPC Server and I have read OPC Interface logs. (Nothing specific messaged there was)


Thank you