Simultaneous Writes from ICU

Discussion created by Znelbok on Nov 12, 2019

Hi All


I have two redundant OPC servers for our plant.  Both have Matrikon Datamanger and the Pi ICU installed with the ICU connected to Datamanager.  I want to write a value from the Pi server to the OPC servers.


I have the write working by writing to an alias created in the DM server, but as there are redundant servers I need both DM server aliases to update at the same time.


I was hoping that by setting the ICU UFO type to hot that it would write to both as it is supposed to read from both.  Is this the right way to get this to happen or is there something else I need to do.


The alias tag is [obviously] the same on both DM servers for failover/redundancy but there is no guarantee that any client connected to the DM server is connected to the one that is currently being updated by the ICU - hence both need to be updated simultaneously.