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Proper syntax for PI Tag attribute criteria inside PI Builder search?

Question asked by gfmalek on Nov 13, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2019 by gfmalek

I am using "Find PI Points" under PI Builder in Excel.  Is there documentation for proper syntax for specifying attribute criteria for this search?  I am able to guess the correct syntax most of the time, but I would like to get PI Points with "pointid" between 10,000 and 20,000, for example.  


I can easily get pointid's above 10,000 by typing "pointid:>10,000" and below 20,000 by typing "pointid:<20,000".  But typing "pointid:>10,000  pointid:<20,000" gives me an error message relating to duplicate attribute criteria.  I have also tried every other guess I could think of as to how to specify a BETWEEN interval.


Thanks for your help.