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Send notifiction to different groups based on Target element

Question asked by PIOhMY on Nov 18, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2019 by bbregenzer

Hi , 


Im trying to figure out if its possible to send a notification to a different group depending on what element the notification is triggered from. For example i have this Analysis  that , if Pump power = '''OFF ' - It sends a notifcation to the emails on the distribution list.  Though we have Pumps in differenent areas and i dont want to be sending notifications to the wrong  subscribtion group.


So at the moment in AF:

Area A\Pump

Area B\Pump

Area C\Pump

The analysis looks at any Pump and sees if its value is "OFF". I would like to be able to send notifications just to the relevant subscription group .So if an notfication was triggered for a Pump in Area A it would only send to Subscription Group A.