PI Vision - Asset comparision table

Discussion created by PIOhMY on Nov 15, 2019
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Hey ,

I have an asset comparision table  that is referencing  child attibutes  that has (1day,1week,1 month) values of a particular tag that is populated using an analysis.  And the values do not match comparing AF versus pi vision So for example:

 In AF:

1 day - 2 events

1 week - 10 events

1 month - 40 events


 In PI Vision

1 day - 2 events

1 week - 2 events

1 month - 2 events


The values only change  in pi vision when i change the look back period to 1w, 1mo on the display. How can i get them  to just display the exact same values as AF with haveing to change the lookback period on the display?