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Problems Converting old VBA PISDK Function to VB.NET PI AF SDK Equivalent

Question asked by DeepSkyMan on Nov 18, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2019 by Dan Fishman

I am having difficulty converting an old VBA Function to a VB.NET Equivalent using the PI ADF SDK - Can you provide some asistance as to the changes needed to the code Please:


Private Function GetPiCalculatedData(ByVal piTag As String, ByVal startTime As String, ByVal endTime As String, _
                                    Optional ByVal duration As String = "30m", _
                                    Optional ByVal calcType As ArchiveSummariesTypeConstants = asAverage, _
                                    Optional ByVal calcBasis As CalculationBasisConstants = cbTimeWeighted, _
                                    Optional ByRef bError As Boolean = False) As PIValues

' Essentially replicates the functionality of =PIAdvCalcDat() in Excel
' Error handling
On Error GoTo dataerror
Dim srv As Server
Dim pData As IPIData2
Dim nVal As NamedValues
Dim piVals As PIValues
' Basic process: connect to server, ask for data for the tag, do the calculation, extract to a PIValues object in order to process later
Set srv = Servers.DefaultServer
Set pData = srv.PIPoints(piTag).Data
Set nVal = pData.Summaries2(startTime, endTime, duration, calcType, calcBasis)
Set piVals = nVal.Item(1).Value
' Return values
Set GetPiCalculatedData = piVals
' Tidy up
Set piVals = Nothing
Set nVal = Nothing
Set pData = Nothing
Set srv = Nothing
Exit Function
bError = True
End Function
Kind Regards
paul J.