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PI Vision Custom symbols

Question asked by Sasanka on Nov 19, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2019 by Sasanka

Hi, Anybody got an idea on how to add a hyperlink as custom symbol in PI Vision.


I was manged to add a symbol by adding below js file in to ext Folder.


(function (PV) {
function symbolVis() {}

var definition = {
typeName: 'Google',
datasourceBehavior: PV.Extensibility.Enums.DatasourceBehaviors.Single,
visObjectType: symbolVis,
getDefaultConfig: function() {
return { DataShape: 'Value',Height: 150, Width: 150 };
symbolVis.prototype.init = function () { }


But on hover of the symbol, I need to add a tool tip, and while clicking on the tool tip it should be navigate to