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AF Tree View and Data Base Picker

Question asked by ShivaP21 on Nov 22, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2019 by gregor

I am currently working on automating certain process in my AF Calc creation through ASP.Net MVC(.Net framework). Here users would be provided with a web form to insert details, to select certain parameters such as AF server, data base etc which would be used to create calcs in our development machine.


Problems I am currently facing while developing the above,

1. Unable to find proper API for AF tree View(web version) where users would select AF element path under which they would like to create element.

2.Unable to find proper API for AF Data Base(Web version) to provide the data base list dynamically based on AF Server selection.


Currently, what we have done is, once the user selects AF Server, it goes back to back end and fetches a list of data bases available and once user selects the data base, back end fetches all the elements in the data base & puts into a table in a hierarchy rank and this is rendered into html.


But by loading the details into a SQL table asynchronously it has resulted in more lines of code (both JavaScript and use of data base tables) and also slowed down our site, especially for tree view.


Is there any other methods where i can achieve the above two, especially with the help of API (if it exists)?