How many times did I see this value?

Discussion created by tperovic on Nov 25, 2019
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We have several packaging lines and each line has several pieces of packaging equipment. Most of the packaging equipment generates a fault code when it detects a fault condition and these are captured by the PI System.


Zero indicates no fault so the captured values will alternate between zero and non-zero (up to the number possible fault codes on that equipment).


I've been generating a report at the end of each shift using Excel and PI DataLink that shows which faults occurred during each shift, how many times each fault code occurred and the avg/min/max fault durations, all quite simple using Excel and PI DataLink.


Now, maintenance would like to know if I can generate a notification when predetermined limits are exceeded. I thought it would be easy using Analytics but that turned out not to be the case.


I can use the TimeEQ() function in analytics to determine fault duration but, unless I'm missing something, there doesn't seem to be a way to determine how many times a particular fault code occurred within a given time range as there is in PI DataLink.


For example, if we get the following fault codes from a piece of equipment over the course of several hours then it is not a concern. However, if we saw these same fault codes in the span of a few minutes then there might be a problem that will only get worse and they do not want to wait until the end of the shift to find out.




The fault codes are unique for each piece of equipment and the triggering limits depend on the fault code.


So, when a fault occurs and I get a non-zero fault code, I would like a count of how many times that digital tag had that specific value during the last hour, shift, day, week or any other time range.


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