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System Directory no longer working

Question asked by CarlB on Nov 27, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2019 by CarlB

Early on I had set up and configured PI System Directory on one of our servers. We didn't make use of it much, but I've circled back around to spend some more time on it and I can't connect to any of the endpoints anymore. We get a 404 error whenever we try.


On the machine where System Directory is installed, I enabled the PI Web API debug log and see the following message after trying to connect: 

[PIWebAPI] {GUID}: Request served.

{"Message":"No HTTP resource was found that matches the request URI 'https://<servername>/piwebapi/pidirectory/'."}

I've restarted the service and the server itself without any luck. Beyond that, I don't see much I can do to troubleshoot.


Do I need to repair the System Directory install? Is there any other troubleshooting I can do prior to that?