get Alarm and Event using PI Notification

Discussion created by kathye on Sep 21, 2012
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I need to develop an application using C#. It is not GUI based.


our app need to subscribe tags (eg PI points) that we are interested in and receive notification from PI Server when event raises.  For example,


1.            For PI tag "CDT158", if the value of the tag is greater than 200 than our app needs to be notified. If the value is 198, then our app will not get the alarm notification from PI System.


2.            Our app needs to write acknowledgement back to PI server after receiving an alarm of a tag.




If we get notification from step 1: in our app just setState to alarm state. ( there is no need to send email out etc ).


Question 1 Any suggestion on what API I should use for step 1.


2. I have noticed that there is Custom Delivery Channel available for Notification. But based on my understanding it is useful for email delivery and web services which we do not need. So Custom Delivery Channel might not be a good fit here. Am I correct?