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PI OPC DA Connectivity

Question asked by RoyRobinJr on Dec 3, 2019

Hi Community,


Im having problem connection in ovation using PI OPC DA. 

Configure already the DCOM, accounts added. 



For my testing, added few tags if does the connection will be success

Currently my test tag from the source are collecting data


But I added bulk tags around 1k+ pi tags. Im getting logs says the "removegroup: unable to remove group Poll, write,advise thread 8292: 800706ba(the rpc server is unavailable). So when starting the interface, i am getting all IO Timeout values in PI.



My configuration are default in PI ICU

I turn off the compression and 0 exception from the PI tags. All 1k+ tags location for 1,0,1,1,0


What configuration did i miss?