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PI OPC UA - extract error (PINS)

Question asked by Sean.Kocher on Dec 5, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2019 by gmichaud-verreault

I am getting the following error when trying to install PI-Connector-for-OPC-UA_1.3.0.130.exe



Digging into this a bit further it appears there is only a PINS_x64.msi in the extract location and the Log file (attached) seems to indicate a PINS_x86.msi file is needed.


Is there a way to just download the proper PINS files needed and move into the extract location?

Or do I need to blow the whole thing away and start with a new install?  This setup has been a headache of switching between x64 and x86 configurations as we hit roadblocks and pivot (the OPC-PI link was originally using DA x64 and we are now trying to move over to UA x86 configuration).

Thanks in advance,

Sean Kocher
SCADA Engineer