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PI-AF Epression Analysis Error "Failed to resolve required input"

Question asked by JIrnsinger on Dec 5, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2019 by JIrnsinger

Hello everybody,


i have a curious problem with PI-AF Expression Analysis. I have two identical very simple analysis. Each has one PI-TAG as input. Both TAGs are configured 100% identical.


The first analysis is not running (Error-massage: "Failed to resolve required input '\\shpiwe\W1LBG00FF901 XJ01_NEW'. No valid trigger inputs. Event-Triggered analysis has no triggering inputs".


The second analysis is running fine. No problems here. When I use "preview results" both(!) analysis works 100% fine.


At first I assumed the reason for that could be find in security settings. But all settings for the input TAGs (including datasecurtiy and ptsecurity) are identical.


Has anyone an idea? Thanks in advance!