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Acknowledge an Event Frame returns an error

Question asked by arikyudin222 on Dec 4, 2019

Hi guys,

I'm facing an issue trying to acknowledge an Event-Frames created through the PI Web API interface.

First I tried to created event-frame without a template, and realised that I cannot acknowledge event frames that were not created from an Event frame template that the 'Can be Acknowledged' checkbox is selected.

After creating such template, I'm now able to create an event-frame from that template, but the acknowledge link is disabled.....

When I try to acknowledge en event-frame by PI-Web-API interface, the error I get is:

"Acknowledgement is disabled on Event Frame 'Arik Test X'."

I thought maybe I created the event-frame without the attribute 'can be acknowledged' as true (in case it's false by default), so I tried to set it to true while creating the event-frame by the API. But then I get another error:

HTTP response body: {"Errors":["Properties [CanBeAcknowledged, IsAcknowledged] are not allowed."]}

The user I use has all the permissions, so I don't think it's a permissions issue.

BTW, creating event-frames from the PI System explorer with the same template, can be acknowledged without any problem.

Any idea what can it be?