Things to consider before introducing PI collective architecture

Discussion created by mathiak on Dec 12, 2019
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Hi Experts , 
We are currently enhancing our architecture where we 1 central PI Server (without any collective) to PI collectives.
Since this is a critical step, There is a lot of custom application which reads and writes the data to the PI Server as it is our prod environment.
I would like to gather any recommendations before moving on to the PI collective architecture.


Lets say my PI Data archive - PISRV01 ( Current architecture )

No i want to convert it PI Collectives as below


Collective name : PISRV01
PI Data archive #1: PISRV01A

PI Data archive #2: PISRV02B


  1. What will happen to the PI Vision screens which were created based on the tags in single PI data archive architecture when converted to PI Collective architecture ?
  2. What are the other places which could possibly get affected when we try to perform this ? 
  3. Will there be any impact in the AF server ? 
  4. What are the safe methods to perform ? 
  5. Things to consider / test ?