PI EventFrames showing No Data

Discussion created by Sumanth.Artham on Dec 12, 2019
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Hi All,


We have a project where we need to show the batch data in the form of Event Frames.


We have used the explicit trigger method for Event frame generation in AF, as our client is still using the 2016 R2 version of PI AF.


We have written the event frame condition as below


Starttrigger= HasValueChanged('Tag1')

endtrigger= HasValuechanged('Tag1')


We will have 4 other tags in the Event Frame template. We are using the Value retrieval methods as below.


For tag1 it is "AtOrBefore" for the remaining tags it is "AtOrAfter" and TimeRangemethod is "StartTime"


The issue is- If all the 5 tags are not updated in PI server at one go then other than Tag1, remaining tags are showing as No Data. Once we recapture the values then the issue resolves. We want to make it work without recapturing the Event Frame.


If we use the retrieval method as "automatic" then data is being duplicated in the eventframes.


Note1: Screen shot provided is from 2018 version of AF but our client is having 2016 R2 version


Note2: We know that the latest version PI AF has implicit generation modes for Event Frames, but as my client is not ready to upgrade it to latest version, we need to make it work in 2016R2 version itself.


Kindly let us know, if any one has any idea on this.


Thanks & Regards,

Sumanth Artham