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PI AF - Searching an value in many tags

Question asked by photi24 on Dec 13, 2019
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Hello together,

I have a problem that I can solve with a lot of if queries, but I'm looking for a nicer solution.
We have a warehouse with many vehicles in our facility. These vehicles can be moved and removed from the system.
Our supplier has moored the information about the vehicles at the lanes and levels assignment. That means, I have no information per vehicle, but per lane and level.

To implement a use case, however, I now need the information per vehicle.

We have a total of 7 lanes. There are 18 levels in each lane. -> 126 positions
On the other hand, including the Resserve vehicles, we have 134 vehicles.

My first idea was to create an analysis for each vehicle in which I search in 126 IF queries for its number on the shelf. If I do not find the number, the vehicle will not be displayed in the system.


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