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AFSDK Error in deployment

Question asked by Jerricson_Espiritu on Dec 16, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2019 by David Hearn

Good day to everyone!


I have created an application and use the AFSDK to respond in the request of a VB6 application.

during the development in Visual Studio there were no problem using the AFSDK , But during the test deployment in the IIS the AFSDK cannot be found as indicated in the attached screenshot.


Error Message:

型または名前空間名 'OSIsoft' が見つかりませんでした。using ディレクティブまたはアセンブリ参照が不足しています。


"The type or namespace name 'OSIsoft' was not found. using directive or assembly reference is missing.”


AFSDK is added by reference.


What is the possible cause of this error and how to fix this problem?