Access error between Server and Interface node

Discussion created by GZampelis on Dec 18, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2019 by Steve Boyko

We have a simple setup of a Server machine and an Interface node PC that collect data from a Rockwell PLC, and we are getting the following error on the server machine:

18/12/2019 20:23:03 (TR-HIST-SR\TR_adm) PI-IFL> Error retrieving service information for \\TR-WORK-PC\FTLDInt1: Cannot open FTLDInt1 service on computer 'TR-WORK-PC'.(Access is denied)(DisplayName/Status)(ProcessAccessor::Initialize) (GetInterfacesAL)


We understand that this is a user access issue between the server machine and the inteface node, and that the following must be setup:

1) PI: User account needs piadmin access through login or trust for access to the Module Database were interface information is stored.

2) File System: User account needs local and remote read permissions on the interface executable file to retrieve interface file version.

3) Service Control Manager: User account needs read and service control privileges on local and remote computers.


Can someone please specify where and how exactly the above can be setup?


Thank you.