Closing the Step Continuous Event Frame

Discussion created by Sumanth.Artham on Dec 19, 2019

Hi All,


As per our client requirement, we have created an analysis to generate the Event frame (Batch) to capture the batch data.


According to the requirement we will have few Tags and we have specified conditions like below.


Parent – Parent will have TagA, TagB, TagH

Start Trigger: Hasvaluchanged(TagA)

End Trigger :   HasValuechanged(TagH)


Child/Phase process: Child will have TagA,TagB,TagC….TagH tags in the template


In this batch process TagC is considered as a phase and one batch(Parent) will have 8 phases.

To fulfil this we have used the “Step continuous” method to start the phase(Child).

The above scenario works fine for the parent but the last phase will not be closed until the new phase in new parent is opened.


We need a solution to close the eventframe that was generated by last phase (like by writing an explicit analysis to close the child/phase process when the Parent process is closed/completed).


Note: Event though Parent and child are not using the same template, for our understanding purpose we named them like that.


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Sumanth Artham