Unregister PI points from event pipe in C++

Discussion created by vkrejc on Sep 26, 2012
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I'm using event pipes for receiving new values from PI Server. Unfortunately I'm not able to unregister PI points from event pipe. Please review my code and let me know if I am doing something wrong. thank you!


I am receiving this error:  Microsoft C++ exception: std::__non_rtti_object at memory location 0x0400c1dc on the line with HRESULT _hr = raw_RemoveSignUp(vtPrimary, vtSecondary); from pisdk.tli.





PISDK::_PointListPtr l_removeList;

for(std::list<_bstr_t>::const_iterator iter = _tagNames.begin(); iter != _tagNames.end(); ++iter)
     PISDK::PIPointPtr l_spPIPoint = m_spServer->PIPoints->GetItem(*iter);

PISDK::IEventPipe3Ptr l_spIep3 = m_spEvPipe;

_variant_t l_values(l_removeList.GetInterfacePtr());
HRESULT l_hr = l_spIep3->RemoveSignUp(l_values, NULL);