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Analytics error on FindEq calculation

Question asked by esancha on Dec 19, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2020 by sraposo


I am trying to translate an ACE project into PI Analytics, and I encountered a problem when building the following VB statement:

strInicioSoplado = FC2_B_020.FindEQ (strInicioSoplado, "* -1d", "Carga"). LocalDate

to the Analysis:

FindEq ('FC2_B_020', InicioSoplado, ParseTime (Ayer), "Carga")

As you can see in the image, InicioSoplado is a calculated date, "Ayer" is an attribute whose content is a string: * -1d

When evaluating the result, an error occurs: "Invalid type: 12/18/2019 0:00:00. Parameter name: s1"

I tried replacing "Ayer" with "* -1d" but the error remains.



How can I avoid that error?

Thank you very much in advance