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How to create a collection of Non Associated Attributes

Question asked by PhilSearle on Dec 19, 2019

We have 2 SCADA systems and one of these is WEB based and as we will be migrating to a CITECT SCADA system that is visualised via PI Vision, I am trying to mimic what a lot of users are already comfortable with.


With this display I will link it to many displays doing the links is not the problem just deciding how I can mimic this Overview Screen, both “table” and “Asset Comparison” did not seem to do what I want.


The only way I could see to do it was with individual “Value”’s. From there maybe do a collection however not all sites have the same Pi Points so I would be either missing some or have gaps or worse still have to do each community separately. Over view page from our Web Based SCADAAny Suggestions would be much appreciated