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Data was not available for attribute in PI Web API request

Question asked by ekagarmanov on Dec 20, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 27, 2019 by gregor

Hi, community members!

I'm developing a web application based upon PI Web API. Requests for a value from a few of my tags return an error "Data was not available for attribute", this error occurs only when I set specific time to my requests so the latest value requests works like a charm.

I did a little investigation and found out that somehow there were two values written on a same datestamp in PI data archive in every tag that caused my error in PI Web API (I thought it is impossible but...). I deleted one of values for every of these tags but it didn't solve the PI Web API problem, it still returns "Data was not available for attribute" message. I've also tried to add some custom value after the problem one, but anyway it didn't help.

I've checked PI Web API debug event log, so this error occurs in a OSIsoft.REST.AFUtil.ValidateAFValue method.

Does anybody know what can be the case there or where to search for an error trigger?