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OPC Tags being Created until License Limit Reached during Connection Issues (DeltaV)

Question asked by JaCarter on Jan 8, 2020


OPC tags are created in addition to existing OPC tags when network disconnect/reconnect occurs  until the OPC license limit is met. (Currently we have 10,813 OPC points with a license limit of 13,000)


After consulting with our comapany's PI System’s group, they claim the most probable cause is a ‘network disconnection/reconnection’ issue with the OPC clients.


When theses network interruptions continue, legitimate PI points are not reconnected and switch to status ‘Configure’.


To resolve this the PI interface was halted, OPC system rebooted, and the OPC point count returned to 10,813 OPC points.


Does anyone know a way to prevent this creation and duplication of OPC points during network errors?


For more information we have two clients on our area's OPC subsystem (CTL1 with 5,453 points and CTL2 with 5,360 points) 5,621 PI points reference this system.