Managing ACE development/Test and Production Systems

Discussion created by Babar on Sep 28, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2012 by inform2prabhat

I was wondering if anyone have suggestions on managing ACE for a development/test and production systems.

Recently, we have setup a dev/test system that includes separate PI and ACE servers. On our development box, I can point

to both dev/test and production ACE. I have created an new ACE module under an existing dll with a single .vb file.

When I try to create the module on production system, it does not let me create the module with the same name because

there is an existing class with the same name in the classlibrabries folder. I think if ACE Wizard can see two different

classlibraries folder, the problem will be solved.

We desire to have a managable and easy to use process that allows segregated development/Test and production environments.

Any ideas how other people are managing their systems?

Thank you,

Babar Shehzad