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PI Web API authentication issue

Question asked by ROCSBE on Dec 30, 2019
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I am getting an unknown issue with PI WebAPI which I cannot seem to resolve.

I have following configuration -

4 Azure VM

1. PI Server

2. AF Server

3. PI Vision

4. SQL


PI Server and AF Server are running on same domain service account and PI Vision is running with a different service account.

I have set up Kerberos and it seems to work in case of PI Vision as I am able to crawl the databases and values are coming fine.


But when I am trying to access PI WebAPI directly using FQDN/piwebapi and crawl databases, it showing below error -

When I tried to find the event log for the WebAPI, it is showing authorization as Negotiate while I have enabled the kerberos delegation in PI Vision.


I am not really sure what is causing the authorization to not use NTLM or Kerberos.


The reason for directly using PI WebAPI url is because we are building custom Data analysis model in Python for which we require data from PI. So we are using PI WebAPI to get the data in Python but due to the above issue we are not able to do the same.


Please help me out with this.