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Are formula data references cached by the analysis service?

Question asked by LuanSandes on Jan 2, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2020 by LuanSandes

In the past, I've dealt with stability issues in the analysis service (over 10k analyses with the following configuration). I've been told not to use attributes with formula data reference in analyses. The rationale was that these attributes are not cached by the analysis service. Therefore, every time the analysis trigger, PI would have to recalculate the attribute. I've been instructed to use the analysis data reference instead.


Looking at the KB01495, at the 'Updating and Trimming the Cache' section, I saw that calculated attributes (Formula, Table Lookup, etc.) actually get signed up to update the cache every time one of its direct inputs get snapshot updates.


What is your experience with it? Is it the time to stop creating formulas and move 100% towards analysis (either with outputs or not)?