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How to write back results on a past pivalue in AF analytics

Question asked by UlrichRuediger on Jan 3, 2020
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I have to calulate the productionrate in kg/h with inputvalue BatchStart ( Timestamp ) BatchEnd (Timestamp ) produktionrate (single). the problem is,  I only have then full product amount for the batch ( 28000 kg )  and I need  the timespan of the batch. This can generated at batchend by substraction endtime and starttime and the rate by division batchamount by timespan. A additional business software read the rate only as retangele signal. so I generate values like this on a PI-Tag.


0.0      01.01.2020 06:30:24      (generated bei event batchstart  output delay '*-1s')

0.0       01.01.2020 06:30:25    batchstart      (generated bei event batchstart, rate is not knowing  )

1563    01.01.2020 21:51:10    batchend       (generated bei event batchend,  rate is calculated  )

0.0       01.01.2020 21.51.11     (generated bei event batchend  output delay '*+1s')


The problem is that I can't writeback the rate of 1563 kg/h to timestamp batchstart, because the delay for output timestamp must be a fix string. like '*-1s'


Is there any way to write back values to a past timestamp in AF analytics


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