Public Weather and Environmental Internet Data Sources Integration into the PI System - White Paper

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There are many industry scenarios requiring operations have the capability to compare or report environmental information along with operational data. Current environmental data could be used for making daily operational decisions and reporting.  In many cases, onsite environmental data sources are available and can be utilized by the PI System. Depending on the situation, other data sources require the utilization of offsite resources and services. This paper will identify free and for-fee Internet data sources that are available for PI System users that can be incorporated into the PI system. 


This paper has examples showing how to automate the collection and transfer to the PI System using the PI UFL Interface. These examples will give OSIsoft customers a quick start solution for collecting these types of data sources in the PI System. The use of two United States government services providing National Weather Service Data (NWS) and United States Geological Survey (USGS) River Gage data is highlighted in this paper. The examples also include PI AF templates that can be used to support NWS and USGS data for reporting and analysis. For businesses such as public utilities, regional weather and/or river extremes can impact operations. Availability of this type of information to operations can be important for preparing and responding to environmental situations. 


This version updated March 2017.


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