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UniInt activation on PI_OPC_DA to DeltaV

Question asked by FMFVHennard on Jan 7, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2020 by gmichaud-verreault

       Dear PI Administrators


      I've recently activated the redondancy from PI_OPC_DA interfaces to a DeltaV OPC Server and a WinCC  OPC server (installed on two separate computers) and each interfaces are working well for each system (DeltaV and WinCC), ones is in "Pimary" state and the Second in "Backup" state (COLD mode).


Regarding WINCC OPC server, when I initiate a manual switch from on interfaces to the redondant OPCInt, switching is working well and the fist interface pass from Primary to backup and the second from Backup to Primary.

=> Behavior from interfaces are perfect. PI Tags are updated with a small lost of data


Now regarding DeltaV OPC Server, when I initiate a manual switch, finaly the switch is made well and tags are refreshed normaly but I've noticed two stange things:


- After Switch, the former "Primary" pass to "OFF" instead of "backup" state and service is really stopped without error in message logs (pipc.log or pimesss log).


- Regarding license consumption in the DeltaV OPC Subsystem, when the Primary interface switch, it doesn't release DelatV license OPC tags and you are in situation that two time of DeltaV OPC license are consumpted, the old Primary and the new primary, until 12-15mn that the deltaV automatic release old licenses because on non responding client.


What do you think?