PI SDK not working on Server 2012R2

Discussion created by McCoin on Jan 7, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2020 by LalBabuShaik

I have tried to install PISDK_2018_.exe  on a MS Server 2012 R2 machine and have been unsuccessful.  This same executable has been used on other machines. 

The SetupPISDKMaster.log file has two entries that my shed some insight on the problem. Added here:

Loading: 8 (C:\Users\plmrm\AppData\Local\Temp\PISDK_1.4.7.516\PINS\pins.dll)
IsMSIInstalled> Unable to obtain Related Products for Upgrade Code {E997574C-9855-4CD6-A21F-DD7A836EAED6}. Returned error: 259

SetupUtils> Failed to retrieve PIHOME from pipc.ini, installation file C:\Setup_PINS.log will not be copied to PIHOME.



I can sdne the showl log,