RAM utilization in PI Server

Discussion created by DURGAMALLESWARARAO on Jan 13, 2020



We have observed high RAM utilization in PI server. Upon contacted storage team, they have informed us that there is a memory leak in paged pool and provide below work around. Will we face any issues if we apply below work around?


 There is memory leak on paged pools, which means too much disk I/O operations are taking place in the server. Either it can be due to backup operations within application or too much file operations or large files are opened by the application or user. To counter the issue you may have to filter application level backup operations, small file operations or reduce the disk volume operations. If from application side you cannot achieve then you can think of below workaround to manage memory pool by trimming down and recycle according to the usage.


As workaround to release the paged pool on reaching certain limit we can set certain registry according to the article https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/312362/server-is-unable-to-allocate-memory-from-the-system-paged-pool .