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Using PI Connector for OPC UA and Templates

Question asked by JBrabant on Jan 8, 2020

Hello everyone,


I always used the PI OPC DA interface before and I recently decided to look at the PI Connector OPC UA.  My first impression is that it is simple to install and configure and it works great and fast.  I wish I could use it in future project but here is the problem.  The way we are using AF right now is that we have our Element Templates (with inheritance) and Attributes with names that makes sense for us and we also use the Tag Creation option.  The use of these templates allow us to easily create a new piece of equipment and have all the tags created and most importantly, we can use relative context so we can have ONE view defined and use it for many elements of the same templates, the way AF is designed for.


When using the connector, it seems that we lose the ability to do that.  Am I right?  Since the OPC Server structure is replicated in a specific element root and that the templates are created for us without the possibility to change them or  inherit from etc... I don't see how I can manage to use it and make it do what I am doing right now.


Am I also right to think that eventually the PI Connector OPC UA will be the recommend way to go instead of the OPC DA in the years to come?


I would like to hear experiences from other folks in using the UA connector and how they use the templates etc...

Thanks in advance.