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"Record Header Data Mismatch" for web api queries

Question asked by dpfahler on Jan 13, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2020 by dpfahler

Hello folks,

My test PI Data Archive apparently has some error entries. (Probably from server reboots...)

Querying data from the archive via the PI WEB API that includes one of these malicious entries fails the whole query.

e.g.: GET / streams / interpolated

  "Links": {},
  "Items": [
      "Timestamp": "2019-11-04T09:41:25Z",
      "Value": null,
      "UnitsAbbreviation": "",
      "Good": false,
      "Questionable": false,
      "Substituted": false,
      "Errors": [
          "FieldName": "Value",
          "Message": [
            "[-11002] Record Header Data Mismatch"
  "UnitsAbbreviation": ""

This also happens if the time span of the query is quite large. 

The goal would be a query that tolerates the broken points or omits them for now. How can I do this?

Even better, if instead of the broken points the points are set to missing. - e.g. by an additional query, which returns the times of all corrupt values in such a case, to set them missing, etc.