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Sharepoint data to the PI System

Question asked by jasongogal on Jan 16, 2020

A couple use cases have been floated from users within my company. The basic ask is for data to be entered through a sharepoint portal or through the nintex client (neither of which I have experience with) and then the tables of this data ingested into AF and viewed with PI Vision screens. It feels a bit like an edge data type of transaction. I have done a fair bit with SQL tables linked to AF tables, so I'm comfortable with that, but data coming from Sharepoint is totally new to me. I don't know how it is stored in the back end or how the IT area of this would work. But I suspect that someone out there has been active in a similar area. 


Briefly, does anyone have experience with a transaction such as this? Most of the search results I see here are questions related to using Sharepoint to view PI data, which is kind of the opposite of the proposed use case.