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Get FilteredSummaries from interpolated events

Question asked by MassimoDossola on Jan 22, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2020 by Dan Fishman



I'm trying to extract the daily Event Count from a list of PIPoints using the FilteredSummaries Method. I need the event counts for interpolated events with sampling rate of 10 minutes. So the method I'm using is:


AFTimeRange dateRange = AfDateTimeRange(start, end);
AFTimeSpan summaryDuration = AFTimeSpan.Parse("1d");
var filter = "'sinusoid'";


myPIPointList.FilteredSummaries(dateRange, summaryDuration, filter, AFSummaryTypes.Count, AFCalculationBasis.EventWeighted, AFSampleType.Interval, AFTimeSpan.Parse("10m"), AFTimestampCalculation.Auto, PagingConfig);


but the number I got is completely different from the count of events I have running:


myPIPointList.InterpolatedValues(dateRange, AFTimeSpan.Parse("10m"), null, true, PagingConfig);


So what I'm doing wrong? Is it possible to have an example of "FilteredSummaries" for interpolated events?


Thank you