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Event Frame Attribute reference in PI Vision becomes corrupted

Question asked by mbollenbacher on Jan 23, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2020 by mbollenbacher

I'm running into an issue when displaying Event Frame attributes in PI Vision. When I create a display with an Event Frame attribute value and select "Apply Time Range" the correct data will be displayed. 



However, when the display is opened at some later point the reference to the Event Frame name and time can become corrupted. Below is an example of what I'm seeing happen. The upper attribute reference was placed in the display the day before and the lower one referencing the same attribute was added the next day. I do not see this issue if I use the "Output at close" feature in the Event Frame Generation and save the value to a PI Tag. Presently, I'm not looking to save all of the Event Frame attributes to PI Tags. If someone has a thought as to how I solve this please let me know. 



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