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PI Connector filter file with non US-characters

Question asked by j36701 on Jan 30, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2020 by j36701


I use a filter file for reading tags only for my PI Connector for OPC UA. All the requested tags are read OK except those who uses Swedish characters å, ä, ö. For example I get the following warning for one of them:

[SFF_test] Item 'AD3-G3-Turbstyrlager-Tryck�vervakning.ProcessValue' [ns=1;s=t|AD3-G3-Turbstyrlager-Tryck�vervakning.ProcessValue] is of unsupported data type !


How can I format the filter file so also the tags that includes å, ä, ö, are read?


In the Database I have no problem in storing tags in Swedish language.