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    Why are Uom case sensitive?


      On our project we need to import uom's from an xml file. We have created a tool to add the uom's into AF.


      Now we have the issue while adding uom's with the same abbreviation but a different case.  The problems occur, for example, at the uomClass "Electric Current". Standard it contains Ampere (A), but we want to add milli Ampere (mA) and Mega Ampere (MA). This is not possible, because of AF seems to be case sensitive. Is this by design or issue?


      Have anybody some idea to add both uom's?

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          Ahmad Fattahi

          Let me make sure I understand your question right: you would like to distinguish between "mA" and "MA", but it is not possible, is that right? In other words you would like UOM to be case sensitive. Does that describe your question right?

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            For anyone else stumbling upon this question and likewise losing hope of ever having both an MA and mA in AF, it is now possible.

            With the release of AF server and client version one can run an executable called "AFDiag" from the PIPC\AF directory on the relevant AF server like so: "AFDiag.exe /ucs".

            That will turn on case sensitivity for UoMs for that AF Server.


            You do get a nice disclaimer saying:

            "Beginning in AF 2.7.5, the PI System can be configured to support case-sensitive UOM abbreviations, allowing for abbreviations that differ only by case, such

                as MV and mV. Enabling the UOMCaseSensitive option will block client versions older than 2.7.5 from being able to connect. After case-sensitive UOMs are

                enabled, a reference to a UOM by its abbreviation must be made with the correct case. Note that existing references may be defined within data reference

                configurations, analysis configurations, as well as client applications such as Datalink spreadsheets or Processbook displays.  Enter '1' to contine and

                enable case sensitive UOM definitions, or the 'enter' key to exit with no change."


            So it should not be blindly enabled. But if the above is not an issue, you can finally add both MA and mA to AF after the upgrade.

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