Double asset switching from hyperlinks

Discussion created by TheoGlashier on Jan 30, 2020

The problem encountered is in PI Vision on figure 1. From the home screen shown in figure 2, I would like to access the display of figure 1. This display shows a list (asset comparison table) of Chokes (valves) on the left and attributes of a particular valve on the right of the display. By clicking on the rows of the asset comparison table on the left I can change the asset context i.e. the right of the display.


From the links for different sites of the display in figure 2 I would like to access display of figure 1 related to the site in question. I want to show on the one hand, the asset comparison table with the correct list of chokes on the right and attributes of a give choke on the right.


However, from the links of the homepage display (fig. 2), I can specify the root path for either the site or the choke. The PI AF tree is shown in fig. 3, and the choke elements are child elements of DAL and PAZ elements.


If I specify the search root path of the hyperlink in the homepage display to be \\%Server%\%Database%\TEPA\PAZ I get the correct chokes in the asset comparison table but No Data for all attributes.


If I specify the search root path to be \\%Server%\%Database%\TEPA\PAZ\Choke ACA801 I get the correct attributes on the right but the wrong set of chokes in the asset comparison table.

In fact, I have noticed that the wrong set of chokes which appears is the one with which the display (fig. 1) was saved.



A way to avoid displaying No Data for all attributes was to use a large rectangle which covers the entire right pane. A multistate linked to a numerical attribute was added to it, whereby if the attribute in question had ‘Bad Data’ the rectangle would have a colour i.e. covering everything behind and if it had valid data it would be transparent therefore displaying everything behind. This is illustrated in the last two attachments. Instead of having the first display we would have the second.

However, all functionalities of PI Vision such as double clicking on attributes to get their trend or hyperlinks beneath were obviously no longer available.