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PI AF SDK vs PI JDBC Driver - 'UpdateValue'

Question asked by AshishGupta on Jan 31, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2020 by gregor

Hi There,

I am working on PI JDBC client program to set tag values. By using AF SDK API's, for setting tag values we have used "UpdateValue" API of "OSIsoft::AF::PI::PIPoint" object. Here we are developing corresponding PI JDBC client program operations for "UpdateValue".We have observed that we have different cases while using the "UpdateValue" API as below


For case 1 , I am using a jdbc query as follows
INSERT piarchive..picomp2 (tag,time,value) VALUES ('example_int32','2020-01-16 01:30:15','200');


Can someone please suggest what will be the jdbc query for case 2 ie "InsertNoCompression" and what is the difference between both the cases?


I have already refered for PI AF server but I want the corresponding scenario for PI JDBC server. Can someone please help me in this