Delivery Channels and vCampus Live!

Discussion created by gmoffett Employee on Oct 4, 2012
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PI Notification Delivery channels enable you to develop how and where a notification event is sent. Then your users or customers can configure notifications to use the delivery channel.


At vCampus Live 2012 in SF next month - as per last year - there will be a truck load of hands on labs where you can get hands on experience using OSIsoft software.  One of the hands on labs will be to create a delivery channel with the focus on the OSIsoft programming concepts. We'll possibly use file/HTML as the example.


Being curious folks, we wanted to ask the vCampus group, what delivery channels have you created?


Anything you wish you knew before you started creating your own delivery channel, we could share in the lab?


Do you have delivery channels requirements that you would like to see OSIsoft develop?


If you are curious about delivery channels, recommend checking out the HTML delivery channel example in the PI Notifications developer tools software available via the vCampus downloads > PI Analytics category. There is also a XML delivery channel example in the Extras section, however the HTML example includes new formatting features.